People choose to see a counsellor or therapist for all sorts of reasons. 

Some people have something specific they want help dealing with. Maybe they've lost a loved one, are having family or relationship difficulties, or are overwhelmed with stress at work. Maybe they're affected by substance abuse, or are struggling with the impact of trauma or illness.

Other people have a sense that something's not quite right, but can't put their finger on what that 'something' is. Perhaps they feel stuck in a loop or perhaps this is the first time they've ever felt like this. They may feel lost, confused, anxious or low, and can't figure out how they got there.


Talking to a therapist or counsellor may help

Therapy and counselling can help you make sense of whatever is going on for you, within the framework of a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential relationship. It can help you find your feet and process what's happened when something significant shifts the course of your life. It can help you gain clarity both about yourself and the situation you find yourself in, however overwhelming or confusing it may seem now. And with clarity comes greater choice, hope and the possibility of change.