My approach

A qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, I offer therapy and counselling sessions to people from all walks of life, whatever their age, ethnicity, faith, cultural heritage, socioeconomic background, gender identity or sexuality.

I work integratively, which means that I draw on a range of approaches depending on what fits best with each individual and the issues they want to address. You may have heard of some of these approaches - psychodynamic, existential, person-centred - but it doesn't matter if you haven't.

Studies consistently show that the key to effective therapy is not your therapist's approach but rather the quality of your relationship with your therapist. That's why I always encourage people to come for an initial session to see how it would be to work together. If it doesn't feel like a good fit, I would be happy to recommend other options.

For anyone who may find it helpful, I have a range of art materials available for creative expression. Sometimes this can help when you're stuck for words and opens up new avenues for exploring the issues you're struggling with. You're also welcome to bring in your own images, poems, music and dreams for us to work with.